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Being resilient requires self-awareness, self-regulation, recovery and connection.  It's knowing what you need and doing something about it.  

Training Resilient and Adaptive Leaders (TRAIL) is a sixteen hour course over four weeks.  Throughout this course, first responders will learn deliberate strategies to up-armor themselves against the cumulative stress load, boost resilience, and reach out to others.

This program leverages experiential learning techniques, utilizing the experience of the participants and activities to increase learning.

The core skill in this program is called R3: the Resilience Multitool.  R3 stands for

  • Recognize: recognize you are in a non-resilient moment or engaging in a non-resilient behavior

  • Reset: take a beat to regain control of yourself (like stepping on the clutch)

  • Redirect: choose a strategy to be more resilient going forward

All of the tools taught in this program enhance one's ability to recognize ineffective patterns, reset oneself, or redirect oneself with a resilience strategy.

The four lines of effort of the curriculum are:

  • Emotional Regulation: Influence your emotional reactions by recognizing and controlling your thinking habits.

  • Spirit Regulation: Living with a sense of connection, meaning, and purpose.

  • Relationship Regulation: Maintaining a strong foundation of trust and communication in close relationships.

  • Physiological Regulation: Leveraging your body’s systems to maintain high performance and improve recovery in the face of the hypervigilance roller coaster

This course is enhanced with the use of online Resilience Workouts of the Day (rWODs) that promote effective practice of the lessons in micro-doses (10 minutes or less per day).

first responders, resilince, police, workshop
first responders, resilince, police, workshop