2019 Events

A webinar series for human resources professionals and managers at a Fortune 500 software company focusing on various aspects of health and wellbeing.  

Webinar 1: Stress Dashboard

  • build awareness around your stress levels

Webinar 2: Incorporating Recovery Into Your Work Day

  • micro-dose recovery strategies so you accumulate more during the day

Webinar 3: Recognizing and Inoculating Burnout In Your Team

  • understand what drives burnout and it's symptoms, then brainstorm how to intervene individually and as a leader

Webinar 4: Building Resilient Teams

  • learn characteristics of resilient teams and strategies to boost the resilience of your team

A team in a field with high compassion fatigue and burnout looking to bolster their resources to keep performing meaningful work for the community.  

Stress Rx: Strategies for Managing Stress

Stress management seems to be an area of our lives where knowing better doesn't necessarily lead to doing better.  We know we need to manage our stress, but we drive on anyway, ignoring the alert signals our bodies are sending us.

In this workshop, we explored how to recognize and articulate our stress levels so we can create an early warning system.  From there, we practiced "micro-dosing" our stress management strategies which becomes the prescriptions we write ourselves, enabling us to manage our stress better.  

A high performing team of software engineers and marketing experts looking to stay at the top of their game amidst rapid expansion of their team.  

Manage Your Energy and Focus

Your most finite resources are your attention and your energy.  These resources are also deeply interconnected; where your attention goes, your energy flows.  In this workshop, we learned to recognize how we spend our energy by identifying where we spend our attention.  We also learned strategies to direct and sustain attention and boost energy to maintain high levels of performance. 

Thrive is a personal development series for women in business held at Vibe Coworks in Poulsbo.  This workshop series targets women in business, including entrepreneurs, employees, freelancers and women balancing family, social and professional responsibilities.  

Workshop 1: Start with Abundance

  • build gratitude around the strengths you bring

Workshop 2: Writing Your Owner's Manual

  • learn to listen to what your body needs

Workshop 3: Staying On Your Path

  • treat values as priorities and protect them

Workshop 4: Help Me!  I'm Stuck!

  • troubleshoot your tendencies and achieve your goals

Course feedback: "This was so brilliantly timed for me.  Delivery was perfect.  Content was spot on, insightful and immediately usable!  I would DEFINITELY attend this again and looking forward to future sessions!"

An elite group of cyber defenders at a Fortune 500 software company that consult with and support other cyber security professionals in the field.

Resilience in the Face of Cyber Warfare


A four hour introductory workshop to help understand the impacts of job stress, travel, shift work, long hours and urgency on their bodies and their performance.

Using The Stress Dashboard, learn how to run a stress scan and create strategies for managing stress and performance.  Developing an early warning system is key to maintaining the performance and wellness of this team.

Course feedback: "Great workshop!  Much more beneficial than "my personality is…"

2018 Events

Understanding Your Personal Dashboard

Recognize your stress indicators and build in an early-warning system.  This personalized early warning system, represented by a dashboard, allows you to holistically recognize when your stress is rising before you are redlining. 

After creating your stress dashboard, create your action plan for implementing recovery strategies to proactively managing your stress before it gets out of control.    

1st Responder Conferences presents a multi-faceted two-day seminar and networking event for improving the mental health and wellness of our first responders.  By discussing the real 21st Century issues that are consistently facing our first responders and their families, our conference will provide awareness, resources and action items to combat PTSD, depression, suicide, addiction, stress, and overall mental health

thrive promo IG photo.png

Workshop 1 | Start With Abundance

Fight a scarcity mindset by leveraging our strengths and cultivating gratitude for who we are an what we bring.


Workshop 2 | Writing Your Owner’s Manual

Recognize early warning signs of your stress indicators and learn to intervene before we burn out.  


Workshop 3 | Staying On Your Path

Recognize how you live your values and learn to set boundaries to protect your ability to live your values.  


Workshop 4 | Help Me, I’m Stuck

Troubleshoot your biggest challenges in setting and achieving your goals.  

Thrive was a personal development series for women in business. This series was presented in Tacoma, WA and targeted women in business, including entrepreneurs, employees, freelancers and women balancing family, social and professional responsibilities.  


Hope Is Not A Method


We all hope for greater things to come, but hope alone will not get us there.  To cultivate hope, you need to set a goal, build a sense of agency, and identify clear pathways.  In this breakout, we will explore our goals, agency and pathways to increase our sustainability.  

Let's spend a day digging into deeper issues of sustainability; environmental sustainability, environmental justice, supporting local businesses, transportation, self-care and financial sustainability. Women face many barriers to running a successful business. But it can be even harder for women of color - and we as business owners should care about reversing inequity wherever we can - not only to lift other women up but to improve the culture around compensating women. 


Resilience: One Step At A Time


Being resilient is about bouncing back from setbacks.  But it's about so much more than that.  Resilience is about staying strong.  Resilience is about breaking down and getting back up again.  Resilience is about cultivating a network to lean on and support you.  Resilience is about still finding joy and gratitude in your life during the hard times.  

Resilience doesn't just happen.  Resilience is about making the choice to do what helps you be resilient.  And making that choice over and over again.  One step at a time.

Come together into a safe circle of motherhood. Explore the struggles and skills that come along with the balancing act. Come in and settle in with complimentary tea and coffee as we form a circle in our space and open the floor to share and tell. We hope everyone leaves feeling refreshed and uplifted, supported and loved, in whatever their struggle.

2017 Events

Overcoming The Disengagement Divide

Learn how to recognize disengagement in yourself and others, and what you can do to counter it. Combatting the exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy of disengagement can steer you and your employees on the path to being happier, healthier, more productive and successful at work.

The Young Professionals Network of Tacoma and Pierce County offers quarterly leadership luncheons.  A high quality local professional speaks on a topic to enrich the professional skills of the attendees.