Are You A Stresslister?

When we are stressed, there are things we do to cope and deal with out stress. Most of the time, these behaviors are helpful and productive. There’s a line we can cross, however, when we have overdone it. We can over-exercise, we can overeat; any number of healthy and effective behaviors can be overdone.

A noticeable line for me is what I call stresslisting. When stressed, memory and planning are diminished. It’s hard to keep track of details and things you need to do, so making lists helps keep information straight. This is a helpful strategy.

Stresslisting is a slippery slope where I start to create more and more lists, all in different places. I’ll even make lists of lists I need to make, list for things I don’t need to be tracking yet. It’s to a point the lists aren’t helping me keep track of information; I’m making lists for the sake of making lists, in order to feel productive and in control without actually being productive anymore.

When I find myself doing this, it’s an indicator that I need to do some relaxation exercises, then I need to gather all my lists and consolidate them into a helpful tool.

What are some of the things you to do deal with stress where you have the potential to take it too far?

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