You Are A Badass: Summary

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero is a powerful and motivating book. In a loving and supportive way, it covers topics like “How You Got This Way, “How To Get Over Your BS Already,” and “How To Kick Some Ass,” and then gives step by step guideposts for living your best life.

Two highlights from this book are loving yourself and connection to a higher power.

I loved that the last instruction for each guidepost was “Love Yourself.” I don’t know anyone (including myself) that doesn’t need to remind themselves of this over and over.

Spirituality can be a very touchy subject. Spirituality is often associated with religion, which is a powerful piece of many peoples lives, but can be a huge turn off for others. In this book, Jen connects to spirituality in a very open-ended way; your faith (in yourself, and in something bigger than you) needs to be greater than your fear.

(Note: sketch notes are a mix of sketching and taking notes that graphically organizes the information).


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