In-person workshops combine discussion, activities and lecture to create an engaging learning environment.   These workshops can be selected from an a la carte course catalog or we can design a custom solution to meet the needs of your organization.  

Leadership workshops are geared towards  improving self awareness and accountability of leaders.  The skills covered in these workshops can help a novice leader as well as a seasoned leader improve their ability to lead from strength and authenticity and inspire those they lead.

Leadership and Professional Development
Resilience and Personal Development

Resilience workshops are geared towards improving wellbeing and thriving at home and at work.  The skills covered in these workshops can help anyone  manage stress, overcome adversity and bring more  abundance and joy in their lives. ​

Team Development workshops are geared towards members of a team taking the workshop together.  In these workshops, team members will explore dynamics and dysfunctions of their team and work together to ensure they become and stay a high performing team. ​

Team Development
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