LIve Virtual Workshops

We work in increasingly remote environments.  Our training and development needs to reflect this changing environment.  

Live workshops should be engaging and interactive.  Teams should play an active role in their learning environment.  This is still possible when moving live workshops to a virtual format.  Below are some of our more popular virtual workshops.

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Strength in Uncertain Times

Our strengths, what make up the best of who we are, don’t leave us; but sometimes we need a little reminder. In this workshop, we will rediscover our strengths and use them to build our confidence and problem solving to face the challenges that have been coming up for us recently.

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The Stress Dashboard

Our bodies don't come with an owner’s manual or indicator lights like our cars do, but we can learn to listen to our bodies and take better care of ourselves before we burn out. In this workshop, we will focus on building self-awareness around our stress levels to create an early warning system to keep our stress in check.

Creating Your Anti-Burnout Plan

Burnout is more common in high stress high demand professions and given the additional global challenges, we may be experiencing burnout on multiple fronts (work, family, home, etc).  Let’s explore what drives burnout, how to recognize it, and what to do about it.   

Dealing with stress

Dealing with your stress doesn't have a one size fits all solution.  What helps you deal with the stress isn't the same as what helps you deal  with the stressor.  Let's explore strategies that help complete the  stress cycle and brainstorm strategies that help you manage stressors so you can create your self care guide to dealing with your stress.