FIRST Responder Resilience Toolkit

What would it be like to feel more resilient and manage the chronic stress of the job using short targeted tools?

Use the First Responder Resilience Toolkit to boost your resilience and manage the cumulative stress load of your job using short daily practices.  


Now only $19!

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Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You're depleted when you're off duty

  • You've gotten more cynical

  • You have trouble unwinding

  • You believe there's a better way to live

What if you could have a noticeable difference in your

  • Resilience

  • Recovery time

  • Mood on and off duty

in as little as 10 minutes practice each day?

I wrote this as a guide to the most targeted and potent resilience tools.  

I want you to boost your resilience, recovery, and ability to maintain high performance in 30 days of short, deliberate practice.   

In this toolkit, I will 

  • Review some key points about stress and resilience

  • Introduce targeted tools that can be short daily practices to build your resilience

  • Show you how and when to use different tools in the 30 Day Resilience Challenge Workbook

  • Provide you with additional resources to learn more and get help

Right now, you might be struggling with

  • Normal stress and frustration of the day-to-day job (which is A LOT)

  • Added stress and uncertainty of global pandemic, the current civil rights movement, and the current political climate

  • Added stress of doing the best for your family at the intersection of a stressful job and added stressful circumstances

Imagine if

  • You knew several tools that helped you disengage and unwind after a long day

  • You had the tools to quiet your mind when you're trying to relax or sleep

  • You felt replenished and ready to get back to work

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Hi, I'm Kaitlyn Daniel.

I've built my career working with busy professionals in high stress, high demand professionals.  My specialty is boosting resilience and performance so we can be our best when it matters most and we recover well to go at it again. 

Most of my experience is working with Soldiers in the US Army, first responders, and cybersecurity professionals.  

you matter.  Your work matters. We need you at your best. 

Here's what's included in the First Responder Resilience Toolkit


Ebook ($19 value)

Let's review key points about stress and resilience and describe the value of different tools to build resilience.


30 day Resilience Challenge ($45 value)

Apply the key points and resilience tools from the ebook into a 30 day program to boost resilience and manage stress.


Additional Resource Guide ($25 value)

Need more help or guidance?  Looking for additional video tutorials for the skills in this program?  Look no further.

Frequently asked questions

I'm too busy with work and the rest of my life to commit to a big training program.


- This toolkit is available for you to review when you are available.  Also, the 30 day resilience challenge shows you how to use the tools in less than 15 minutes per day. 

How is this different than other resilience tools for first responders?


- Many resilience tools are based on the same research and best practices.  What makes this different is short, daily targeted practice.  Resilience is like fitness.  You need to do the right things, the right way, on a regular basis to build AND maintain it.  

Isn't this just one more thing I need to do each day?


- Yes.  This is one more thing you need to do each day.  Everything you do each day costs energy and resources.  Some of these things give you more energy and resources than they cost.  Most resilience tools replenish energy and resources so you can keep going, so these additional daily activities will give you a net benefit.   

I noticed you aren't a first responder, why should I buy your program for first responders?


- You're right, I have not worked as a first responder.  I have spent time working with the military and first responders to learn the nature and challenges of the work.  The tools that I teach are ultimately life skills that apply to all domains and professions.  I am passionate about helping those that give all of themselves to help others and know that I have resources to offer first responders and their ability to maintain performance and boost resilience.  

Who is this for?

Golden Star

Are you a department chief or head looking for tools to help people in your department or agency?

American Star

Are you starting out as a first responder and want to build tools to manage stress before it accumulates?


Are you a seasoned first responder looking to make a change and deal with stress differently?

How does this work?

Step 1: Purchase this toolkit

Step 2: Check Your Inbox and follow download instructions

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Step 3: Read the ebook and dig into the 30 day challenge

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this toolkit, no refunds will be offered. 

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Imagine if you felt you were managing the stress of the job and other life demands with more resilience and positive adaptability?


It's not about how hard you've been hit or knocked down.  It's about growing stronger from your experiences and taking control of who you become as a result of your experiences.  

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