Curriculum Design

I've spent a lot of time designing and refining curriculum for what I teach.  That's pretty typical in my field.  What isn't quite as typical is I enjoy the process.  I enjoy talking to clients to get a feel for where they are struggling, then I design activities, workbooks, slides, discussions, and more that really help participants understand tools that will help them.  I love customizing curriculum to fit the needs of a particular client.

What I have spent a lot of time in my career doing that most people in my field haven't is designing and refining curriculum for others  to teach.  I have become very skilled at assimilating the message someone else is trying to deliver, determining the best way to convey that information to a particular audience, and designing the materials to help that instructor reach their audience.  

Are you skilled at teaching but struggle to create the content to help you teach?  Can you do it but you just don't like to?  Are you trying to convert your content to virtual workshops? I can help.

Reach out to me and let's explore the art of the possible.  

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